In China, most people don’t start driving until they are in their late 20s. After all, China is still transitioning from a country that primarily uses bicycles and mopeds to a country that uses cars. 

Few adults can own a driver’s license, let alone a car. Many people give up and live their lives on public transportation.  

Passengers in a bus in China 

Only those lucky few who can drive their own vehicle get to showcase their winning status. It is not only those with luxury cars who can be proud. Any person who owns a car in China should feel like a winner. They jumped through hoops and beat the odds to finally drive their car.

But why is it that driving in China has that trophy status? 



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Sadezia Ulcena
Black, American, Caribbean, Country, and City Girl. I'm a global citizen and I want to bridge an understanding of Chinese culture with my own.