During quarantine, I have had content fatigue. I’ve spent too many hours scrolling through Netflix, Tik Tok and Youtube for something to watch.

I found myself needing to take walks outside in order to clear my head. However, I’m not someone who can just listen to the birds’ tune as I walk. I thought I could use this time to find some new audio content.

Through the power of the internet, I found SupChina, a news website for all things China related. They have a vast archive of podcasts. After listening to a bunch, here are my recommendations!

  1. 1 Tech Buzz China

    If you are into technology, Tech Buzz China is a biweekly podcast all about China’s innovations. Hosted by Ying-Ying Lu and Rui Ma, this podcast delves into the news surrounding the tech industry.

     While I wouldn’t call myself tech-savvy, I am extremely interested in social media. As an avid user of Tik Tok, my favorite episode is #67: “TikTok’s sibling ByteDacne’s other Video Apps.” 

    It was fascinating to hear about the world of video apps that have emerged in the global market and how most of the apps’ creators are from China. This podcast focuses on the business behind viral apps and the technology used to create them.

  2. 2 Strangers in China

    If you find storytelling interesting, this podcast is for you. You can keep things short: there are only nine episodes of Strangers in China

    This series shines a light on the people in society who might otherwise go unrecognized. Producer and host Clay Baldo break down complex societal norms within Chinese society. 

    In Chapter 9 “Mulan,” Baldo parallels mythology with the real-life struggles of Jessie, a young woman in Shanghai. This podcast delves into the human experience in China, making strangers into digital friends.

  3. 3 NuVoices

    NuVoices interviews women artists and entrepreneurs on hot button issues. The episode I listened to was "Gender, self discovery, and vibe curation with Mengwen Cao.” 

    They discuss representation in media, finding joy in nature, and mental health during isolation. This specific episode was recorded at the beginning of the quarantine.

    It is comforting to hear their concerns about the unknown time of isolation and see how we have survived and even thrived. I learned all about the intersections of race, gender, and cultural identity within Chinese culture. 

    It is empowering to hear first hand experience from eloquent and vocal young Chinese women. Plus, the hosts give book, TV, and other media recommendations at the end of every episode.

  4. 4 Ta for Ta

    Ta for Ta: Women, Success, China narrates the professional lives of women from China. "Ta for Ta" is a play on the Chinese spoken language that demonstrates equality between the binary genders. 

    Tā 他 is the word for "he"; tā 她 is also the word for "she.” “He” and “she” are pronounced exactly the same in Chinese. In Episode 9, guest Chenni Xu talks about how the #MeToo movement affects women in China. 

    I have a sense of pride listening to the success stories of these professional Chinese women. It is empowering and inspiring to see a potentially successful future for myself through their stories.

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Emma Federer

Emma Federer is a wacky screenwriter that uses her voice to celebrate of all things Asian: from C-pop to female stand-ups to the heart-warming experiences of queer Asian Americans.
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