Since KFC opened its first place in Beijing, China has become “the wild west” for American fast-food brands. Among the well-known franchises, KFC, McDonald’s, and PizzaHut have been the most successful brands in China. Part of the success is due to their tireless efforts to adjust to the palate of local consumers. Here are some bizarre but delicious menu items these companies launched only in China. 

  1. 1 Peking Chicken Twister 老北京鸡肉卷

    "Got Chicken, Got Soul" was KFC's new slogan in the year of 2003, when the company launched this special item during Chinese New Year in mainland China. With fried chicken, cucumbers, fresh onion, and Pecking Duck sauce wrapped in spiced tortilla, the Twister is still one of the most popular items in China almost 20 years after its invention. It might be the first "fusion food" to be popularized in the country.

  2. 2 The Happy Burger 幸胡堡

    This seasonal offer launched by McDonald's was made of a fried-chicken patty, specially-cooked egg, and a traditional Chinese bun. It was launched in collaboration with the popular movie "Monster Hunt 2" in 2018. The favorful sauce and steamed bun give the sandwich a distinctvely Chinese taste. Though the item is no longer on the menu, you can definitely expect a similar product in the future considering its wild success.

  3. 3 Pentagon Beef Wrap 嫩牛五方

    Weird Name. I know. The Chinese name for the item, 嫩牛五方, or literally translated as "tender beef pentagon", sounds much more delicious to Chinese speakers. And the sandwich never let the foodies down. The tender texture, the dainty sauce, and the interesting shape of the item make this item a hot internet topic years after it was taken off the menu. However, KFC brings it back to the market from time to time due to its great popularity. You may still have the chance to have a bite of this legendary sandwich.

  4. 4 Atlantic Salmon Pizza 德式盐烤猪肘比萨

    It may sound too fancy for PizzaHut, but nothing is too fancy for PizzaHut in China. The company decided to get into high-end dining when it first stepped into the Chinese market. Over the years, PizzaHut has launched various items that are pricy even to American consumers to accept. This pie, however, selling at a bit over $15, is a very good deal, especially if you are trying it for the first time. Fun fact: PizzaHut actually serves wine in its restaurants in China. 

  5. 5 Portuguese Egg Tart 葡式蛋挞

    The Portuguese egg tart was improved and popularized in Asia through to Macau. The small city, knowns as the Las Vegas of Asia, was Portuguese colony before it was returned to China in 1999. Thus, Macau cusine is heavily influenced by Portuguese cooking. Thanks to such history, KFC got to launch one of its most popular desert items ever in Asia, the Portuguese Egg Tarts. And most Chinese people had their first taste of this tasty custard in KFC restaurants.

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