On April 8, Wuhan, the city in China that took the hardest hit from the Covid-19 pandemic, reopened. Like Wuhan, other cities in China are finally recovering from “the long harsh winter.” Everyone is still being careful, but spring is definitely in the air.

(comic of Wuhan’s recovery, where each province is represented by its speciality food)

Shops and restaurants are reopening, and cheerful chatter is slowly filling the streets. The content of many  vloggers has changed from “A Day at Home” to “Spend A Day with Me: Shopping Out with Friends.” The debate over what to cook with the remaining potato in the fridge was gone. People now debated over which restaurant to try out.

Many young Chinese people chose to reunite with their friends over some good food. Of course, people in different regions of China all have different food preferences. But if there are a few choices young people all over China can agree on, they’re these three:



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Lisa Liang