Are you looking to try some Chinese snacks from your local Asian supermarket, or wanting to find your way around a snack isle in a Chinese supermarket or convenience store but don’t know where to start? Either way, look no further for some great snack recommendations for those deciding to dip their toes into the world of Chinese snacks and confectionary!

  1. 1 White Rabbit Candy (大白兔糖)

    A candy choice with a rich history and is a firm favourite among many Chinese for which it is the taste of childhood, its presence can be easily found on the shelves of many Chinese supermarkets. Its popularity has also led to the creation of many different flavours, affiliated merchandise, and even a popular ice-cream flavour in the US.  

    The original vanilla flavour has a soft and chewy texture, but before you eat it - wait a second! The thin paper-like wrapping around the candy is edible and is made of sticky rice, so no need to try and peel it off before eating! Enjoy~

  2. 2 Cucumber Lay’s Chips (乐事青瓜味)

    Lay’s potato chips are famous the world over and are known to have region exclusive chip flavours, and cucumber flavour is one of the more famously odd flavours available in China. However, its oddly refreshing and sweet aftertaste has made it a firm favourite among many and makes for a worthy snack experience!

  3. 3 La Tiao (辣条)

    If you enjoy spicy food, then latiao, gluten sticks soaked in spicy oil and chilli flakes, should be stuck firmly on your radar. They come packaged in various sizes coupled with a strong scent. Various brands sell latiao, but the most famous would be Weilong (卫龙), so do look out for it! Be warned – they can be very addictive! 

  4. 4 Crispy Noodle Snack (零食面)

    Have you ever tried eating dry instant ramen noodles straight from the packet before? No? Well now’s your chance to do so, with zero judgement involved, and improved flavour! The snack version comes in many different flavours in different forms, from the traditional ramen square to small edible cubes for minimal mess. Since it’s typically packaged to be portable and convenient, it’s very affordable too! It makes a great crunchy snack with a satisfying texture, and with so much variety in flavour, it’s worth trying out for yourself!

  5. 5 “Snow” Rice Crackers (雪饼)

    A crunchy, savoury cracker paired with the sweet, sugary white “snow” is what makes the “snowy” rice cracker a classic, but an irresistible snack. Although there are many kinds on the market, the most famous and notable brand for their rice crackers is Wang wang (旺旺), as pictured above. 

    Hopefully these options will get you started in the Chinese snack game! But there’s so much more left to explore in the isles of Chinese supermarkets, so if you’re still hungry for more recommendations, there may be more articles in the future, so please look out for them!

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