I’m an absolute beginner. Where do I even begin to learn Chinese?

Characters, pinyin, pronunciation, numbers, phrases, or grammar?

Do I need a tutor? How do I know if my tutor is teaching me the right things? Aren’t the tones hard? How am I ever going to remember this?

Slow down! Self-study is possible. If you can top-up with a tutor for exam practice and get some recommendations for simple Chinese TV shows, then you’re well on your way to victory.

You need audio if you’re a beginner so you can practice and get your pronunciation right. These all have CD’s so you can listen to local Chinese people and copy their accents.

Start with these Chinese books geared toward beginners:


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  1. Yes, we need to understand Chinese from different perspectives, and generally listening, speaking, writing and reading for learning a language. The listening and speaking is not difficult personally, but the reading and writing is really hard as Chinese characters are a form of ideogram.

    Finally I took the online lesson to learn it by tuition of native-Chinese teachers (eChineseLearning).
    As a result, not bad. Do you have any advices? or sharing some useful method to me? Thx

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