Recently, Starbucks released a color changing cup that has been incredibly popular in the US, but the Chinese Starbucks has their own summer plans. In China, Starbucks dropped a new summer drink series. You may know the American Starbucks menu from top to bottom, but what would you find on a Chinese Starbucks menu that’s not in the US? Get ready for summer with fun and unique Starbucks drinks!

  1. 1 Mango Passion Fruit Frappuccino

    The mango passion fruit frappuccino is a blend of mango and passion fruit (obviously) blended with floral tea to create a tropical taste. Perfect for a scorching summer day in China.

  2. 2 Modern Mixology

    While the US Starbucks’ have Refreshers, China has Modern Mixology! This is a special drink series for the summer featuring many different types of colorful, fruity teas and cold brews. Even the cups look aesthetic! 

    Here are the names of the drinks: Blueberry Passion Pearl Fizz, Citrus Mint Mojito, Cold Brew Lemon Sour, Peach Shrub Fizz, Pomegranate Pearl Fizz, Sparkling Espresso Tonic, Sparkling Pink Pom Cold Brew, and Triple Citrus. 

    Which one sounds best to you?

  3. 3 Black Tea Latte

    Starbucks recently released a green tea drink series, but China also has black tea lattes. It’s made from frothy milk, black tea, and apparently it tastes like milk tea! 

  4. 4 Iced Shaken Teas

    The US menu also includes shaken iced teas, but China’s menu uses different and fruity ingredients with various types of traditional teas to create the perfect summer drink. 

    Here are the names of the drinks: Honey Ruby Grapefruit Black Tea, Blackcurrant Raspberry Juiced Tea, Mango Herbal Juiced Tea, and Peach Oolong Tea.

    They all look similar, but they definitely don’t taste the same! 

    Of course, there are also foods or snacks that are special to China as well! Here are some examples:

  1. 1 Eggs Mushroom and Shrimp Wrap

    Eggs, shrimp, and mushroom?  This is a food combo that we don’t usually see in the US, but it’s very common in China. It's also pretty healthy, so you can eat this and feel slightly less guilty after binging on ice cream - give it a try! 

  2. 2 Red Bean Oats Scone

    Red bean is a common Chinese cooking ingredient used in all different kinds of foods, especially dessert, and even in drinks like bubble tea. Of course, Starbucks did not waste a second to use such a popular ingredient in their sweets menu!

    Along with the new Modern Mixology series, Chinese Starbucks has released limited time foods for the summer. 

  3. 3 Teavana Peach Mille Crepe Cake

    A Mille crepe cake, like its name says, is supposed to have 1,000 layers of crepes with cream in between, but who counts the layers when you’re shoving it into your mouth? This peach crepe cake also has an interesting and photogenic pink color (perfect for one of those food pictures before actually eating it!) 

  4. 4 Teavana Matcha Cruffin

    A cruffin is a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin -sounds so good! A matcha flavored cruffin sounds even better. Cruffins are hard to find here, since the main cruffin hub is located in California where there’s a bakery chain called “Mr. Holmes Bakehouse” which is especially known for the cruffins. So don’t lose the chance to get a taste!

    Which food and drink would you try? 

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