Do you ever get overwhelmed by the modern world and wish to go back to a simpler time? Meet the Chinese vlogger Li Ziqi! 

Li Ziqi’s videos feature her cooking and creating DIY products, such as makeup or furniture. How’s it different? She does it all without using any modern technology or electricity. 

Li Ziqi grew up with her grandparents in rural Sichuan Province, China. There, she learned how to grow vegetables, fish, and make bamboo baskets. She also learned how to cook traditional dishes and carpentry. 

In 2015, her brother introduced her to the Chinese video app, Meipai. Her video career took off from there! She started making short videos teaching us modern folk how to cook traditional meals using her own farm’s ingredients

Her videos gained popularity and she has since broadened her repertoire to include DIY household items (ancient style)Her videos are also known for soothing background music, beautiful shots of Sichuan, and her classical Hanfu wardrobe

In 2017, she started her YouTube channel- gaining international attention. Now, she has 3.3 million Youtube subscribers, 2 million Facebook followers, and over 16 million Weibo followers.

Here are some of my favorite Li Ziqi videos: 


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