When soaking up the atmosphere of Chinese subway your worst dream comes true. People pushing each other and literally fighting for the sit. Rush hours make this picture worse and there is no way you escape.

Being afraid to be late for work. Pizza men, artists and CEO’s are taking off their masks underground. Let’s see who they really are.

  1. 1 The Best Friend

    Milos Colic

    Personal space does not exist in his vocabulary. He leaves no distance between himself and other passengers. 

    Checking his neighbor’s phone screen is routine for him. In fact, The Best friend will stare shamelessly at you playing mobile games and WeChatting friends. 

    Engaging you in a friendly conversation is his hobby. Be prepared for a bombardment of questions about your job, salary, and even your love life. Political topics are also appealing. 

    So, if you are 'longing' for new acquaintances, you can try braving the conversation. If you aren't AVOID EYE CONTACT at all costs! 

  2. 2 Human Centipede

    Milos Colic

    Stepping on others’ feet is his hobby. No matter the place or time, the Human Centipede is already waiting for you somewhere in the crowd of the subway rush. 

    In the blink of an eye, this monster will stain your white shoes or injure your toes and disappear in seconds like an anime ninja.

  3. 3 Gold Digger

    Milos Colic

    As you might have guessed, this person isn't looking for a treasure chest hidden deep in the subway tunnels. 

    The source of his gems is right on his face (and yes, we are talking about his nose). During the whole train ride, the Gold Miner never gives up on his quest for differently shaped and colored boogers. 

    The best-case scenario: the Gold Miner wipes the “treasure” on his pants or the seat. The worst-case scenario: he eats it.

  4. 4 The Gentleman

    Milos Colic

    The subway announcer says that we should offer a seat to the pregnant or elderly. The Gentleman doesn't have time for that.  

    He is too exhausted after a day's work. He rushes the train doors as they open and elbows his way to a seat. A second later, The Gentleman is already asleep.

    The Gentleman might reawaken to play games or check the news. If he sees his seat is in potential danger of required social etiquette (i.e. a pregnant or elderly person enters the train), he will quickly fall asleep again. 

  5. 5 The Amateur Photographer

    Milos Colic

    Cellphones are his digital weapon. What can be better than taking pictures of any corner, person, or thing on the subway for his social media feed? Of course, nothing! 

    He definitely priorities foreigners for his internet portfolio. We sincerely hope that he can get as many likes as possible.

    Artwork for this article is by Milos Colic (IG handle: mcholich)

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